Dot To Dot Puzzles

Dot To Dot Puzzles

Play our dot to dot puzzles online or print them on your printer absolutely free.


Our dot to dot puzzles can be played online by simply using your mouse. After you click a link in one of the categories below, you will be taken to a page which contains that particular puzzle. To play that dot to dot puzzle online, simply click and hold your left mouse button down to draw lines to connect the dots and complete the puzzle. If you make a mistake or just want to start over, click the "Restart Puzzle" button below the puzzle. Also, you can print any of our dot to dot puzzles on your printer. Below each puzzle there is a link labeled "Print This Puzzle" which will open a new box or tab containing the puzzle. There will be no other items from the page that will print other than the dot to dot puzzle. Also, your printer dialog box will automatically open. Before printing, make sure your printer is set to the recommended page orientation. For example, it will be either "portrait" or "landscape" mode. The orientation recommendation will be stated below each puzzle. Also below each puzzle is a link for more printing help if you should encounter any problems.

All of the connect the dots puzzle categories are shown below.

Enjoy your free printable dot to dot puzzles!

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Dot To Dot Puzzles Categories

Our puzzles are grouped into two levels of difficulty. The levels are easy and medium. These puzzles are various cartoon like scenes which can be used as coloring pages after the dot to dot puzzle is completed. Also, there is a category that has dot to dot puzzles which form letters of the alphabet. There are four small letter puzzles on each page. The letter puzzles are considered very easy level of difficulty. They are good puzzles to use as a learning tool for children. Each page of letter puzzles will contain four different letters which are in no particular order. There are seven pages of letter puzzles containing 28 separate connect the dot puzzles. These include all 26 letters of the alphabet with one of the puzzle pages containing two numbers.

Click on any link below to view, play or print that particular dot to dot puzzle.



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