Play our mazes online or print them on your printer absolutely free.

Our maze games can be played online by simply using your mouse. Click and hold your left mouse button to draw a line and navigate through the maze to reach the finish point. If you make a mistake or just want to start over, click the "Restart Puzzle" button below the maze. Also, you can print any of our puzzles on your printer. Below each maze there is a link labeled "Print This Puzzle" which will open a new box or tab containing the maze. There will be no other items from the page that will print other than the puzzle. Also, your printer dialog box will automatically open. Before printing, make sure your printer is set to the recommended page orientation. For example, it will be either "portrait" or "landscape" mode. The orientation recommendation will be stated below each puzzle. Also below each puzzle is a link for more printing help if you should encounter any problems.

All of our maze game categories are shown below.

Enjoy your free printable maze game puzzles!


Maze Categories

Our mazes are grouped into four levels of difficulty. The levels are easy, medium, hard and very hard. There are currently five online and printable maze games in each category. Click on any link below to view, play or print that particular maze game puzzle.

Easy Mazes

These puzzles are very simple and will be easy to complete. They also can be played easily online because they contain more spacing between the walls of the maze.

Easy #1

Easy #2

Easy #3

Easy #4

Easy #5


Medium Mazes

These puzzles are a little more complicated, but still fairly easy to complete. The spacing is a little closer, but they are still easily played online.

Medium #1

Medium #2

Medium #3

Medium #4

Medium #5


Hard Mazes

The puzzles here are more difficult and will be a little harder to play online, but still possible.

Hard #1

Hard #2

Hard #3

Hard #4

Hard #5


Very Hard Mazes

These maze puzzles are very difficult and may not be very easily played online because they are so detailed that there is simply not very much space between the maze walls. You very well may have to print these puzzles to play, depending on your monitor size and resolution.

Very Hard #1

Very Hard #2

Very Hard #3

Very Hard #4

Very Hard #5

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