Word Scramble Puzzles

Word Scramble Puzzles

We have 120 scrambled words on eight pages with links to those pages shown below. Our word scramble puzzles feature a scrambled word with the meaning of the unscrambled word given as a hint.

Also, you can print any or all of the puzzle pages and the answers page absolutely free with no templates or downloads necessary. It's simple and easy. At the bottom of each puzzle page there is a link labeled "Print This Puzzle" which will open a new box or tab containing the puzzle. There will be no other items from the page that will print other than the scrambled words and their hints. Also, your printer dialog box will automatically open. Before printing, make sure your printer is set to the recommended page orientation. For our word scramble pages it will be "portrait" mode for best results. The orientation recommendation is stated below each puzzle. Also below each puzzle is a link for more printing help if you should encounter any problems.

All of our word scramble puzzles are free and printable.
Please enjoy your free word scramble puzzles!

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Word Scramble Puzzle Pages

Each puzzle page below contains 15 scrambled words with each one having a hint to the meaning of the unscrambled word. There is a link at the bottom of each puzzle page which will open a new page which contains the unscrambled answers to all 120 words.

Click a link below to view and/or print that particular word scramble puzzle page.


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