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Free puzzles to print with no downloads required. Some of our free puzzles can be played online right now absolutely free. All puzzles can be printed on your printer.

We have crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, soduko puzzles, word scramble puzzles, mazes, math puzzles, crypto and coded riddle puzzles and dot to dot puzzles. All categories and category links are shown below along with a description of each category.


Free Puzzles Category List

There are eight links to our eight categories of free puzzles below. Each link will take you to that particular category's main page. There you will find more links to all of the free puzzles in that category along with more details and instructions. Enjoy your free puzzles!


We have three levels of crossword puzzles. The levels are based on difficulty and are easy, medium and hard. There are five free puzzles in each level. The easy crossword puzzles are created on an 11 x 11 grid with fairly easy clues. There are about ten clues for each puzzle. The medium crossword puzzles use a 13 x 13 grid with about fifteen to twenty slightly harder clues. The hard crossword puzzles are on a 23 x 23 grid and have more difficult clues. All crossword puzzles are fully printable and are absolutely free.


Word Search Puzzles

Our word search puzzles are categorized by three levels of difficulty which include easy, medium and hard. The easy word search puzzles are built on an 11 x 11 grid with about twenty words to find in the given word list. The medium free puzzles are on a 17 x 17 size grid with about forty or so words in the word clue list. The hard free puzzles use a 25 x 25 letter grid and contain about thirty-five to forty-five words in the word list and these words are more difficult. Each of the word search puzzle categories contain five free puzzles. All word search puzzles can be played online or printed on your printer. More tips and instructions are given in the word search category. Enjoy your free word search puzzles.


Sudoku Puzzles

We have a total of twenty sudoku puzzles categorized in three levels of difficulty which are easy, medium and hard. There are five pages in each level with each page containing two sudoku puzzles and their solutions which can be printed on your printer. In the easy and medium levels, our sudoku puzzles are standard using the numbers one through nine on a 3 x 3 grid. Our hard sudoku puzzles are a different story. They are built on a 4 x 4 grid which means that there are sixteen spaces in each block to fill. To obtain the sixteen digits needed to fill the hard puzzles, we use the numbers zero through nine as well as the first six letters of the alphabet which are A, B, C, D, E and F. These sixteen numbers and letters must all be used only once in each of the 4 x 4 grids. Instructions on how to play and how to print the free puzzles is included in our sudoku puzzle area. All of our sudoku puzzles can be printed absolutely free. Good luck and enjoy your free printable sudoku puzzles.


Word Scramble Puzzles

We have 120 scrambled words among eight pages. Each word is accompanied by a hint which is the meaning of the word. There are fifteen words on each of the eight pages. There is also a ninth page which contains all 120 unscrambled words. All of the word scramble puzzle pages can be printed for free.



We have mazes which can be played online right now by simply using your mouse to navigate the maze, or you can print any of our mazes absolutely free. The mazes are categorized into four levels of difficulty. The levels are easy, medium, hard and very hard. We have many different shapes and sizes of mazes. Just select a level of difficulty and choose a maze to play or print. More information is included in our mazes category.


Math Puzzles

Our math puzzles section includes three different types of free puzzles. First, we have math crossword puzzles. You must perform addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to obtain the number answer to insert into the crossword puzzles. There are two levels of difficulty which include easy and medium. Second, we have math word search puzzles. Here, you must also complete math problems to obtain the number which then can be circled or crossed out in the puzzle. For the math word searches there are also two levels of difficulty. Our third type of math puzzle is a very simple type of puzzle. It is number word searches. The numbers for the free puzzles are given with no math problems to perform. Easy and medium levels of difficulty here as well. The math crossword puzzles can be printed on your printer. The math word search puzzles and the number word search puzzles can be played online and printed on your printer. Enjoy your free and printable math puzzles.


Crypto Logic Puzzles

Here, we have two types of free puzzles which we call crypto puzzles and coded riddle puzzles. The crypto puzzles are jokes with the answers or punchline being coded with numbers. You must figure out the letters with the few clues which are given. There are three levels of difficulty including easy, medium and hard. The coded riddle puzzles are jokes and quotes from famous people with the answers being coded with numbers similar to the crypto puzzles. The main difference between the two types of free puzzles is that the coded riddle puzzles provide many more clues making them somewhat easier. However, the more difficult levels of the coded riddle puzzles have the answers coded with numbers and letters which makes them a little more confusing. Enjoy your crypto puzzles.


Dot To Dot Puzzles

We have dot to dot puzzles, or connect the dot puzzles, in two levels of difficulty which are easy and medium. When printed, these can be used as coloring pages after the dot to dot puzzle is finished. We also have a section of dot to dot puzzles which, when completed, form the letters of the alphabet. These can be a great learning tool for young children. All of our dot to dot puzzles can be played online by simply using your mouse and can also be printed on your printer absolutely free. Enjoy your free puzzles!


Printing Help

To print any of our free puzzles, simply click the "Print This Puzzle" button below each puzzle. After doing this, a new box or tab will appear with the puzzle showing. No other items from that puzzle page will print. The color background may be showing behind the puzzle, but it will not print. Also, your printer dialog box will open. When it opens, you can simply select print. You may want to check the sheet orientation in your printer's dialog box to ensure that it is set properly ("landscape" or "portrait"). Below each puzzle it is mentioned which orientation your printer should be set at for best results for that particular puzzle.

If you should have any other items printing on your sheet besides the puzzle, its clues or solution then you may need to remove the headers and footers. These addition items are usually the page number, file name, date, etc. To turn off the headers and footers, you will need to close the printer dialog box which opened and select "file" on the menu of the box with the puzzle showing. Then select "print preview" on the menu. This will let you change the orientation of the page and, depending on which browser you use, may also let you turn off the headers and footers. If you do not have access to changing the headers and footers in this area, you will need to select "file" on the menu bar again. This time you will need to select "page setup" on the menu. You should find headers and footers here. Just remove any letters or symbols in the header and footer lines. You may want to write this information down before you delete it in case you want the headers and footers back in the future.

More detailed information about page setup and printing with specific web browsers can be found at the browser's respective websites or help pages with the location of such information usually found in the menu bar under help. This may vary by browser.

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