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Sudoku Puzzle Categories

The crossword puzzles are grouped into three levels of difficulty. The levels are easy, medium and hard.

There are two sudoku puzzles with their solutions shown on each puzzle page, except for the hard sudoku puzzles. There are no provided solutions for the hard puzzles.

Just tap or click a puzzle link below to view and print or save a puzzle.

How To Play: Fill in the squares of the puzzle with the numbers 1 through 9 so that each number only occurs once in each row, column, and in each 3 x 3 box within the puzzle. The numbers can appear in any arrangement and anything diagonal is not considered. The sudoku puzzle will have several numbers that are already placed. These numbers cannot be moved.

The hard level of difficulty puzzles use a 4 x 4 grid and use the numbers 0 through 9 as well as the letters A through F.

Good luck and please enjoy your free printable sudoku puzzles.

Easy Sudoku Puzzles

These are the easiest of all our sudoku puzzles.

The grids are 3 x 3 and some of the numbers are filled in for you.

Medium Sudoku Puzzles

These puzzles still use the 3 x 3 grid, however, fewer starting numbers are given to make them a little bit more difficult than the easy level.

Hard Sudoku Puzzles

The hard level of difficulty puzzles use a 4 x 4 grid.

In addition the the numbers 1-9 being used as in the easy and medium levels, 0 is also used as well as the first six letters of the alphabet (A-F).

This means that in each 16 block (4 x 4) inner square and each 16 block line across or up and down will have to contain all ten numbers and the letters A-F with no repeats. That makes this category of sudoku puzzles very challenging. Also, there are no provided solutions for the Hard Sudoku Puzzles.

Good luck and enjoy your free sudoku puzzles.

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