Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles in three levels of difficulty absolutely free to print.

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Word Search Puzzle Categories

The word search puzzles are grouped into three levels of difficulty. The levels are easy, medium and hard.

Just tap or click a puzzle link below to view and print that puzzle.

Easy Word Search Puzzles

The easy word puzzles are made with an 11 x 11 letter grid.

This means that there are 11 letters across the top and 11 letters down the sides creating a playing board of 121 letters.

The word list is quite easy and there are about 20 words in the word list for each puzzle.

The puzzle topics and links are shown below.

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Medium Word Search Puzzles

The medium difficulty puzzles use a 17 x 17 letter grid and have about 40 or so slightly more difficult word clues than the easy level.

There are five puzzles in this category.

Enjoy your medium level puzzles.

Hard Word Search Puzzles

The hard word search puzzles use a 25 x 25 letter grid and have more difficult words in the word list.

There are about 35-45 words in the word list and these words are longer and more difficult than the other two levels.

Good luck and enjoy printing and playing your free word search puzzles.

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