Crypto Logic Puzzles

Crypto Puzzles - Hard

The Crypto Puzzles shown below are "hard" difficulty. There are five separate puzzles on the page below. All five puzzles will be printed on one page. Simply click the "Print This Puzzle" button below the puzzles. After clicking, a new box or tab will open with the puzzles shown, ready to print.

The Crypto Puzzles on this page consist of jokes and riddles with the punchline or answer being coded with numbers. Clues are given for some of the numbers. You have to figure out the rest of the puzzle.

The link below the puzzle labeled "Click Here For Crypto Puzzle Answers" will open a new box or tab and will contain the answers for all three categories of crypto puzzles.


After you click the button below, make sure your printer is in "Portrait" mode for best results.


(Will open in a new box or tab)
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