Crypto Puzzles

Welcome to our Crypto Puzzle section.

Crypto and Coded Riddle Puzzles are provided in three levels of difficulty.

The levels are easy, medium and hard.

Crypto Puzzle Categories

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Crypto Puzzles

The Crypto Puzzles consist of jokes and riddles with the punchline or answer being coded with numbers. Clues are given for just a few of the numbers. You will have to figure out the rest of the puzzle. The amount of clues that are given depends on the level of difficulty of that particular crypto puzzle.

Coded Riddle Puzzles Puzzles

The Coded Riddle Puzzles consist of jokes and quotes from famous people with the answers being coded with numbers, but you are given many more clues than in the crypto puzzles. In the more difficult levels, the answers are coded with numbers and letters making the puzzles a little more interesting. The clues will also contain a mixture of numbers and letters which can make the hardest level of coded puzzles a little confusing.

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